Going deep!

Last night I felt the Spirit tugging on my heart to worship so I did. The following couple hours with God were the touch I needed from Him to step into this new season in Costa Rica! A couple of the guys messaged me, not knowing that I was wrecked in God’s presence, then came and joined me for a while. Tomorrow will be the first meeting with the young people. Last night was am example of being active in God’s presence, inviting others into the intimate place and the context in which to disciple people. This a beginning of breakthrough that will lead to fruitfulness here. This is what I  seeking God for so please be praying for me and these young people that we go deep into God’s presence and the things He intends for us in this season.

2 thoughts on “Going deep!

  1. Since speaking with you from the start there was a special mission that would be laid out for you. I have watched and read about your adventures promoting God , Jesus , and his way to nurture fellow mankind. This is important and I feel privileged to have spoken with you about the faith you pursue to spread about your wake. I hope people understand how wonderful you are … God bless me cause I know he already does you πŸ™‚ keep up the good work buddy . I would sleep on the floor so you could rest on my bunk any day ….

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