Pressing Onward Into His Heart


I am back in Costa Rica at the Wylde Life Sanctuary after a refreshing and fruitful break back in the States. My director Cliff is here with me this time and though it’s been less than two weeks much is happening, praise God.

We had the pleasure of hosting a young man for a week who both Cliff and I have known for some time. He was here to see what we are doing and consider before the Lord is if he is supposed to come work with us long-term. It was awesome watching connect with the local people and getting to know him better. Whether God leads him to work here or not it was significant sharing the experience with him as I learned a few things to improve my hosting abilities as well as to better discern the intentions of the heart. As we move forward we are trusting God will bring the right people to grow our ministry team.

Just this last Tuesday Cliff and I had a meeting with Concrepal, a local company providing pre-fabricated concrete home supplies. We believe we are nearing the breakthrough in provision to build housing for students and staff as well as ministry and training facilities. The meeting was a great success; the beginning of a business relationship that marks a big step forward in the vision. Two representatives have already come to visit the Wylde Life Sanctuary property to assess access for supplies. I will working with them on conceptual drawing and plans in the near future. Now trusting God for further financial breakthrough!

Last weekend we had the young adult and youth group from La Gloria, our local town, for teaching, worship and whatever God might do. We received some great teaching from Cliff and though worship was a little strained it prepared the way for the “whatever God might do” part. We finished the meeting or so it seemed and were enjoying fellowship when one of the guys gathered the group and began pressing into God again. Another one then asked if Cliff would pray for him; he know God was deepening him as a worship leader and wanted prayer for that. The Holy Spirit released something powerful in him in that moment. Several other asked for prayer; the personal ministry was awesome. As the Spirit lead we were able to speak prophetically to some, release inner healing to another and pray into many things. Giving a safe place for the young who are after God’s heart and to disciple them into maturity is the main purpose of the ministry here and this is only the beginning. Sharing life with and ministering to them brings me the greatest joy!

God is doing awesome things in these days and the contrast of God’s people and the world is increasing, as we all know. Praise God for his Word and Spirit in us giving us eyes to see from his perspective, the Father’s heart to respond from and the strength to obey! We are learning how to be salt to the earth, His truth spoken in His love to all.

Thank you all who support me in prayer and finances!

God bless you,