God is Moving


Nathan Dodge Assistant Director, Wylde Life Sanctuary of Costa Rica

The above picture is with “Generation DNA” the local group of young people who I am blessed to assist and partner with in outreaches. They are among the first to receive ministry as we progress in establishing the Wylde Life Sanctuary of Costa Rica.



“To Reach and Disciple the Young of the Nations to Reach and Disciple the Nations”

Answers to Prayer

Praise God! He is moving us forward in several areas of Developing the Wylde Life Sanctuary of Costa Rica. The three weeks since I returned have been a running start.

The first thing that struck me upon returning was the growth in the youth. After being away for three months, interceding and communicating from a distance, what a blessing to return and see an increase in fruit! There has been an expanding of the heart of worship; the group as a whole is engaging in deepening, sincere worship. There are new young people coming, being invited into God’s presence. There is never a shortage of people struggling needing prayer and truth in Love. One young man we have been praying for in particular, who had walked away from God, has come back. It is amazing how the heart is seen through the eyes; the light has returned to his eyes as He is trusting himself to God again!

Another prayer answered; I have house to rent now. The living situation has been more or less camping for the last two years. This will allow for an office, two guest rooms, meeting and secure storage. It’s only a ten minute drive from the Wylde Life Sanctuary, in La Gloria so I am in community with all the young people and their families. Thank you, Jesus!


My primary project, remodeling the cabin, is now ready for funding. The cabin I lived in on the Wylde Life Sanctuary served well as a camp; now we are doing needed repair and remodel. Proposed is replacing the deteriorating wood roof structure with metal, installing a ceiling, finishing walls, adding windows and doors. In essence I am making it a weatherproof, secure, simple living structure on a $3,000 projected budget. This will allow me to live safely on the ministry property, have gatherings during rainy season and host teams. This week I begin fundraising for this project.

We are holding a youth conference at the Wylde Life Sanctuary January 19-21, 2017. This includes youth from several churches around Costa Rica for worship, intercession, teaching and fellowship. I have a growing expectation as I see the destiny of Costa Rica being shaped in this generation. This a major step forward in the ministry vision of establishing the Wylde Life Sanctuary to reach and disciple the youth of the nations unto Christ so they can in turn disciple the nations.

I thank God as I am making progress in construction and development, studies for ministry and Spanish language, ministry and building of relationship and understanding culture.

How you can be involved and help

  • Please cover me in prayer as lead by the Spirit! The warfare is not all personal but much is resistance of the enemy against me as I represent a significant establishing of God’s kingdom in Costa Rica. Pray that I grow in maturity in Christ as a true bondservant for His purposes, for my health and over the nation and people who are seeking after Him.
  • Financial support: I am living less than $500 per month. I would like to be at $1,000 per month for living and ministry expenses.
  • Consider visiting Costa Rica: contact me if you are interested in coming be a part of what God is doing here for any length of time.

God bless you and thank you for your prayer and support!

How to donate

Credit/Debit: visit costarica.eaglemissions.org/nathan-dodge and designate “Nathan Dodge Costa Rica.”

Check: make checks to “Morning Star Missions” with “Nathan Dodge Costa Rica” in the memo. Mail to:


PO Box 7705

Charlotte, NC 28241






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