Costa Rica Feb 2017

Praise God!

February has been a full month as things advance in the ministry.

Here at the WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica we had our first conference of the year. this was three days of worship, teaching and fellowship with a mix of local young people and church leaders. The highlight, a young woman accepted Jesus and we had the joy of baptizing her in the river!

A week later I joined the youth and young adult group, Generation DNA, for their annual four day Bible camp. They taught on identity in Christ with a focus on Genesis, who we are created to be from the beginning. God moved particularly powerful one night as we worshiped bring many of the young people to weep before God. Though I did not get the specifics from most of them I could see God was lifting burdens and healing hearts. I am constantly amazed at their faithfulness and willingness to seek God together. What a blessing to be in community with them and be trusted to assist in ministry.

Just a few days ago I and two of the women from Generation DNA returned from a ten day medical mission trip assisting the Mountain Family Fellowship team from Montana. We visited four pastor in four towns and saw more than 400 patients in medical clinics. Theses are remote and poor communities need the care and each has an amazing pastor who has faithful to bring God’s love and Word in difficult circumstances. The highlights for me are always ministering to the pastors and their families, bringing encouragement, prayer and fellowship to those who are paying the price to build the kingdom of God.

I also want to say, about the medical mission, what a joy to assist in bring together three ministries to go serve four other ministries! This is a glimpse of the things to come as the body of Christ leaves walls behind to function as one true body establishing the kingdom of God in the earth.


Thank you all who support me in finances and prayer; you are a great blessing!

As we press on in Christ developing the WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica I am trusting God for all provision. Currently living on less than $500 each month is difficult though God always makes a way. Would you consider supporting me monthly?

To send support:

Credit or Debit: visit and designate “Nathan Dodge”

Checks: make payable to “CMM” with “Nathan Dodge” in the memo and send to:

CMM, PO Box 7705

Charlotte, NC 28241


God bless you all!

One thought on “Costa Rica Feb 2017

  1. Sounds wonderful Nate,I leave to go back to Israel in 2 weeks 2 days. I’m excited but nervous about getting everything done. and ready for Gr’pa. He had the most awesome dream the morning we left for Mar’s. He was in Heaven to see new believers come in and the celebration for them. There was beautiful heavenly music all around like surround sound that brought him to tears. A voice was explaining thing tos him on what was going on and about to happen. It was like a stadium with men and women as welcoming party and at the one was a door and he saw it fly open and a young women was skipping and running in being hugged and greeted by those waiting. Dad said to the voice why is she here she is so young, the voice said before she came to here she was 99 yrs old. Wow what a dream. That is just part of it, he will have to tell you when you get back. He shared it in church today.
    God bless you richly in your work and see you when you get back. We plan on going to Danielle’s wedding if it is still on. Be nice if they waited a year to really get to know one another but kids don’t see it that way. We will see our new grandson Tuesday if all works out.
    Love ya, Shalom and shannah tova (good Year) Ahave (love) Gr’a


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