Bread and Wine

“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life, he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in me will never thirst.’”

“…unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood you have no life in yourselves.”

“And the Word became flesh.” Consume the Word, meditate on it, allow the Holy Spirit to open the Book to your understanding then obey.

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends… No longer do I call you slaves… but I have called you friends.” The blood of Jesus bled out was His love poured out for us. Drink deeply of His love, rest in the truth and reality of the finished work of the cross. Look at what His victory provided us and why He did it. Selah.

I had the honor of teaching from these scriptures in John last weekend at a missions gathering. The finished work of Jesus on the cross, the body and the blood are so simple and yet I am convinced that I will continue to have revelations related till the day I die; at which time I will truly begin to understand as I come face to face with Him!


That opportunity to teach was by a God ordained invitation. In February I was participating in a youth camp at the beach when a pastor who was on vacation recognized me from Facebook. He connect with the youth group that day. Two weeks ago the youth told me that they were leading worship for a missions gathering and would like me to come teach. We traveled by bus four hours over the mountains and through the city to get there; upon arriving I realized that the pastor from the beach was there and God had planned the whole opportunity without me even knowing! The night we arrived was wonderful fellowship of the two youth groups meeting for the first time. In the morning the youth lead a powerful time of worship and I had the joy of teaching on the body and blood of Jesus and Him as our source for everything in missions. Raise God for His plans and purposes!

WyldeLife Sanctuary House

We have rented a mission house in La Gloria, ten minutes from the WyldeLife Sanctuary. I am living here now and praise God for running water, plumbing and security, all of which I was without the first year and a half. I will be starting a Bible study and worship/intercession gathering here soon. There is now room for guests, office space and room for meetings. Please pray with me for funds to buy appliances, beds and furniture.

Building Development

Please keep Director Cliff and myself in prayer as we push forward in research, development and fundraising to build basic facilities for student housing and class areas in which to begin discipleship and Bible courses. We have held conferences and gathering but now it is time to step into a new chapter with the facilities for an on campus student body.

Mission Van

Also pray for favor and provision as I am beginning the process of buying a much needed van. The progress is encouraging as I was on foot the first five months, then bought a motorcycle I’m using now. The van will allow me to get people at the airport, take groups on outreach, get food and supplies that are an hour away and function during the four plus months of rainy season.


Visiting Washington and Montana

I am flying into Seattle May 16 and driving to Montana the same day for about three weeks before returning to Seattle for a few days then returning to Costa Rica. If you would like to visit or invite me to speak at your church or group I would love to. Contact me at

Finances for Living

Thank you all who have and do support me! My expenses are minimal, my goal is $1,000 per month of regular support which would allow me to function effectively, currently I live on less than half that. Will you consider supporting me on a regular basis?

How to send support:

  • Credit or Debit: visit and designate “Nathan Dodge”
  • Checks: make payable to “CMM” with “Nathan Dodge” in the memo and send to:
    • CMM, PO Box 7705, Charlotte, NC 28241