Praising God!

Contemplating God's purposes as a new day dawns... glorious!

I recently put out a special request for supporting funds to cover my upcoming trip to Haiti. In a week more than $500 has come, more than my budget called for, allowing me the joy of having resources for extra projects and outreach!

My trip is April 12 to 22. I appreciate your prayer for safe travels and for God’s plans and purpose to realized and accomplished.

Costa Rica 1 April 2016 (no foolin’)

God has a purpose and a plan for the children of the nations; they are a highlight everywhere I go in ministry! …wild sometimes too!


I am blessed to be writing y’all again. God is doing wonderful things here, your prayer and support are bearing fruit!

Recently I had the pleasure of joining a team from Montana here on a medical mission. We were serving communities up North where the population of illegal immigrants is high and poverty is common. These are people who need help the most and usually get none. Praise God, in five days we saw more than 500 people come for the medical clinics, 20 or so people accept Jesus and several were miraculously healed! I did more driving, cooking and interceding… God is good! And well done Mountain Family Fellowship team!

My director Cliff has just arrived for a few weeks. It is encouraging o have him here with me. We are going to be visiting pastors, meeting with the young people and working on details to continue developing the WyldeLife Sanctuary property. We are believing God to forward on building a house we live in during the rainy season.

The young people are hungry for more of God and lately are stirring more than usual to reach out. God is doing something powerful in them so I expectant that He is preparing to release something in them soon. Community and discipleing are becoming some of my favorite aspects of ministry. These people are precious, hungry and destined for God purposes!

Finally I am also going to Haiti! April 12-22 I am traveling to visit Elaine and her ministry “Lespri Haiti Mission” (you look her up on Facebook.) I have to leave Costa Rica to get a new passport stamp so why not visit a friend and serve in Haiti for few days. Elaine has seven adopted Haitian children, a community school and a powerful street ministry going on. I will joining in street ministry, Bible teaching for the kids and building furniture for the school.

My financial situation is making room for plenty of faith at the moment. My income to get me through April is about $180. I need minimum $500 to cover living and ground transportation in Haiti; I would like to have more to bless Elaine. I can get by for the rest of the month for CR living expenses but it’s tight as you can imagine. Praise God I have found a good deal on a motorcycle and I do have to money saved for that.

Recap: Primary need is $500 for Haiti.

You can send me support at

Please pray for the people of Costa Rica; God has a purpose them. Pray for me as I develop relationships. Pray for me in the process of receiving the Father’s heart towards this people and nation, for wisdom and depth in the Spirit.

I am thankful for each of you! God bless!



Going deep!

Last night I felt the Spirit tugging on my heart to worship so I did. The following couple hours with God were the touch I needed from Him to step into this new season in Costa Rica! A couple of the guys messaged me, not knowing that I was wrecked in God’s presence, then came and joined me for a while. Tomorrow will be the first meeting with the young people. Last night was am example of being active in God’s presence, inviting others into the intimate place and the context in which to disciple people. This a beginning of breakthrough that will lead to fruitfulness here. This is what I  seeking God for so please be praying for me and these young people that we go deep into God’s presence and the things He intends for us in this season.

Costa Rica 10 Feb 2016

Praise God, I am back in Costa Rica again!

The last few months was great with my family in states; I am so thankful for the time with them. My little sister is leaving in a few days on her first mission trip to the Philippines. I’m proud of her and praying for great God things for her and the team.

It’s been a running start. I’d only been here a few days when I joined the local church here for the annual young adult and youth camp. This was three days (and late nights lol) of fellowship, competitions, worship and teaching focused on deepening our connection with God. It was wonderful being with friends and seeing how they continue to grow.

This afternoon I organized to go with the group (the same young folks I have been ministering to the past year) swimming at a waterfall nearby and start into Bible study. This is their summer break so I will gathering with them once a week for fellowship, prayer and Bible study. We are considering God’s purposes for outreach, what He wants us to do in faith and how I can help them grow. I feel a stretching coming, praise God, to apply the things learned, for real!

In the bigger picture I will here for five months this trip with a ten day break in April to visit my good friend Elaine Haiti who is so anointed for the ministry; adopting orphans, starting a school, and seeing multitudes healed and saved. We have the best God! There are plans forming for some teams to come visit and progress in designing and getting support to build ministry and living buildings. I am living in cabin on the hill again. I restored the power and am putting in a waterline then on to other improvements.

Prayer Request and Support

I always need to prayer support in many ways but mainly that I stay focused on deepening my intimacy with God, that I would know His voice and Word. His heart is where I find everything I need. I want His heart for Costa Rica.

To continue developing the project here (Wylde Life Sanctuary) we need:

  • team members for a variety of areas but in general to work alongside in ministry.
  • finances to build ministry and living facilities.

Financially I need:

  • $500 more for a motorcycle, I have $1,000 so far.
  • $200/month for international health insurance (I currently have none)
  • $200/month for living expenses (currently have about $100/mo)
  • Donate at


Thank you all for your prayers and support!