Flights and CR Storm

I am praying that each of you be blessed these days according to the love and desire of Jesus toward you. May our lives be a response to His love!

Special Request

First I have a request; it is time to buy my return ticket Costa Rica. I am in the US for a month to work and visit my family then return to CR the 12th of Nov. Will you help me buy my ticket? Round trip from Seattle to San Jose, CR and back is about $700. The ticket needs to be purchased this next week to avoid prices going up at the last minute.

To send support for purchasing my ticket:

How to send support:

  • Credit card or Debit card: visit and designate “Nathan Dodge”
  • Checks: make payable to “CMM” with “Nathan Dodge” in the memo and send to:
    • CMM, PO Box 7705, Charlotte, NC 28241
  • As this is a time sensitive request will you please email me the amount you are sending @

Report on Costa Rica Storm

As you may have heard about a week ago there was a tropical storm in CR that caused damage and loss of life. Everyone in my area, La Gloria, is fine though they were isolated, as were most of the mountain towns, by roads being destroyed. At this time water and power have been restored to most areas. I am so proud of the young people as they rallied to assist in getting a freight truck of food and supplies through the damaged roads to  La Gloria and the surrounding area.

I am staying in touch with them and will begin reaching out to pastors and friends around the country to see what the WyldeLife Sanctuary can do to assist recovery when I return in November.

Is it in you heart to come help? Send me a message to learn more, as we identify opportunities, I will keep you informed. Let’s keep our hearts tuned to hear what God wants to do.


It has been on my heart to start a Bible study in my home in La Gloria yet it seemed there was always something getting in the way… that’s I asked the Holy Spirit if I was missing something. In that moment I got the clear impression of God’s still small voice saying, “Stop trying to do this on your own strength,” so I waited. That same day a young man messaged me asking if I would help him with his English studies. I felt immediately the presence of the Spirit and knew God was opening doors that only He could. This was the “organic” beginning of the outreach in my heart but it looks different that I expected. There are now two you men where God has recently opened the door of influence!

Please keep the young people of Costa Rica in your prayers and me as I am discovering the Father’s heart for them!

God bless you! Thank you for your prayers and support!

How to send support:

  • Credit card or Debit card: visit and designate “Nathan Dodge”
  • Checks: make payable to “CMM” with “Nathan Dodge” in the memo and send to:
    • CMM, PO Box 7705, Charlotte, NC 28241

Help Repair Ministry Van

The ministry van I recently purchased is in need of some repairs. This was expected as it is a used vehicle, trust worthy but use and age simply calls for some immediate repairs.

This Saturday I was returning from San Jose one of the rough mountain roads when I realized a bolt had fallen out that keeps the from tire in alignment. Thank God, a pin from the back seat fit in place of the bolt and I was able to get home slowly but safely.

While I am thankful for my gift and experience in for innovation I am trusting that God will provide the resources to keep such living and ministry basics as a reliable vehicle.

While in San Jose I meet with a Pastor of a church in the inner city of mostly young people. This is am amazing ministry of maturing young leaders being raised up for God’s kingdom, one of the special relationships God in entrusting to the WyldeLife Sanctuary. I am looking forward to filling my van with those young people for partnered outreaches!

This van is for the Kingdom, used for getting living and ministry supplies, ministry outreaches, often for community and family outings and on occasion to bringing people to the clinic or hospital. It is my primary means of travel during our rainy season allowing me to effectively function for ministry.

Will you help me pay for the repairs estimated at $1,000? Below are the most important repairs:

  • New tires $400
  • Oil leak $200
  • Front linkage $200
  • Door hinges and a latch, rubber seals, vent fan $200

To send a Donation towards fixing my van:

For Card visit and designate “Nathan Dodge Van Repair”

For Checks make to “Mike Dodge” designated for “Nathan’s Van Repairs” and mail to: (my father is able to send me 100% of the money directly)

Nathan Dodge

85 W. Prairie Dr.

Helena, MT 59602


Gracias! Thank you! Dios te bendiga! God bless you!

Returning to the field – Costa Rica

Thank God, I have once again made it safely to my “second home,” La Gloria, Costa Rica!

My last two months were spent in the beautiful Pacific northwest and Montana visiting family and working to pay bills. Praise God I was able be there for my sister’s wedding and I had privileged of making her cake! I spent my days pouring concrete for MYG Construction in Helena and evenings with my family and friends. What a blessing to live in Costa Rica eight to nine months of the year and return home to a guaranteed full time job when needed.

Getting back into the ministry focus here in CR I have been assessing what what needs to be done and asking God to refine my focus. The vision for the WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica is large yet the purpose is clear, “Reach and Disciple the Young of the Nations to Reach and Disciple the Nations.”

I am preparing to begin a Bible study in my house applying the foundational discipleship materials which I continue to study. The invitation is to the local young adults and youth for worship, intercession and Bible study based on “His Foundation is in the Holy Mountains” by Cliff Willis an, introductory study of Heb. 6:1-3.

Please pray for God’s kingdom established and increased as I take steps forward in Faith! 

Spanish language study is another focus for this season. I speak enough to function, learned mostly by living in community; now my goal is to speak well enough to soon lead Bible study without a translator. If I decide on a language course I may be asking for funds.

Please pray that God will lead me to the most effective Spanish resources and courses.

Communications and construction planning are my other areas of focus now. Producing media, documenting the testimony and process of God in the in the ministry and then presenting it on social media and personal connections is a job in its self and an education for me. Because of the international vision this is a vital function of of our connection with body of Christ. The construction planning is to develop our ministry property, the facilities that will form the WyldeLife Sanctuary campus. This means becoming familiar with Costa Rica construction methods, resources and trusting God for favor and provision.

Please pray that God will give me the wisdom, relationships and the ministry funds for development.

Thank you all for your prayer and support! God bless you!


How to send support:

Credit or Debit: visit and designate “Nathan Dodge”

Checks: make payable to “CMM” with “Nathan Dodge” in the memo and send to:

CMM, PO Box 7705, Charlotte, NC 28241

Would you like to come to serve at the WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica?


Assistant Director, Nathan Dodge @







Bread and Wine

“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life, he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in me will never thirst.’”

“…unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood you have no life in yourselves.”

“And the Word became flesh.” Consume the Word, meditate on it, allow the Holy Spirit to open the Book to your understanding then obey.

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends… No longer do I call you slaves… but I have called you friends.” The blood of Jesus bled out was His love poured out for us. Drink deeply of His love, rest in the truth and reality of the finished work of the cross. Look at what His victory provided us and why He did it. Selah.

I had the honor of teaching from these scriptures in John last weekend at a missions gathering. The finished work of Jesus on the cross, the body and the blood are so simple and yet I am convinced that I will continue to have revelations related till the day I die; at which time I will truly begin to understand as I come face to face with Him!


That opportunity to teach was by a God ordained invitation. In February I was participating in a youth camp at the beach when a pastor who was on vacation recognized me from Facebook. He connect with the youth group that day. Two weeks ago the youth told me that they were leading worship for a missions gathering and would like me to come teach. We traveled by bus four hours over the mountains and through the city to get there; upon arriving I realized that the pastor from the beach was there and God had planned the whole opportunity without me even knowing! The night we arrived was wonderful fellowship of the two youth groups meeting for the first time. In the morning the youth lead a powerful time of worship and I had the joy of teaching on the body and blood of Jesus and Him as our source for everything in missions. Raise God for His plans and purposes!

WyldeLife Sanctuary House

We have rented a mission house in La Gloria, ten minutes from the WyldeLife Sanctuary. I am living here now and praise God for running water, plumbing and security, all of which I was without the first year and a half. I will be starting a Bible study and worship/intercession gathering here soon. There is now room for guests, office space and room for meetings. Please pray with me for funds to buy appliances, beds and furniture.

Building Development

Please keep Director Cliff and myself in prayer as we push forward in research, development and fundraising to build basic facilities for student housing and class areas in which to begin discipleship and Bible courses. We have held conferences and gathering but now it is time to step into a new chapter with the facilities for an on campus student body.

Mission Van

Also pray for favor and provision as I am beginning the process of buying a much needed van. The progress is encouraging as I was on foot the first five months, then bought a motorcycle I’m using now. The van will allow me to get people at the airport, take groups on outreach, get food and supplies that are an hour away and function during the four plus months of rainy season.


Visiting Washington and Montana

I am flying into Seattle May 16 and driving to Montana the same day for about three weeks before returning to Seattle for a few days then returning to Costa Rica. If you would like to visit or invite me to speak at your church or group I would love to. Contact me at

Finances for Living

Thank you all who have and do support me! My expenses are minimal, my goal is $1,000 per month of regular support which would allow me to function effectively, currently I live on less than half that. Will you consider supporting me on a regular basis?

How to send support:

  • Credit or Debit: visit and designate “Nathan Dodge”
  • Checks: make payable to “CMM” with “Nathan Dodge” in the memo and send to:
    • CMM, PO Box 7705, Charlotte, NC 28241



Costa Rica Feb 2017

Praise God!

February has been a full month as things advance in the ministry.

Here at the WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica we had our first conference of the year. this was three days of worship, teaching and fellowship with a mix of local young people and church leaders. The highlight, a young woman accepted Jesus and we had the joy of baptizing her in the river!

A week later I joined the youth and young adult group, Generation DNA, for their annual four day Bible camp. They taught on identity in Christ with a focus on Genesis, who we are created to be from the beginning. God moved particularly powerful one night as we worshiped bring many of the young people to weep before God. Though I did not get the specifics from most of them I could see God was lifting burdens and healing hearts. I am constantly amazed at their faithfulness and willingness to seek God together. What a blessing to be in community with them and be trusted to assist in ministry.

Just a few days ago I and two of the women from Generation DNA returned from a ten day medical mission trip assisting the Mountain Family Fellowship team from Montana. We visited four pastor in four towns and saw more than 400 patients in medical clinics. Theses are remote and poor communities need the care and each has an amazing pastor who has faithful to bring God’s love and Word in difficult circumstances. The highlights for me are always ministering to the pastors and their families, bringing encouragement, prayer and fellowship to those who are paying the price to build the kingdom of God.

I also want to say, about the medical mission, what a joy to assist in bring together three ministries to go serve four other ministries! This is a glimpse of the things to come as the body of Christ leaves walls behind to function as one true body establishing the kingdom of God in the earth.


Thank you all who support me in finances and prayer; you are a great blessing!

As we press on in Christ developing the WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica I am trusting God for all provision. Currently living on less than $500 each month is difficult though God always makes a way. Would you consider supporting me monthly?

To send support:

Credit or Debit: visit and designate “Nathan Dodge”

Checks: make payable to “CMM” with “Nathan Dodge” in the memo and send to:

CMM, PO Box 7705

Charlotte, NC 28241


God bless you all!

Building Project


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas; it’s great being in Costa Rica. I am enjoying the holidays with friends here in La Gloria. It is a true blessing to be in community with God’s people in the nations!

Cabin Remodel Funding

As recently mentioned I have been working on a proposal to remodel the cabin on the WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica. This is the first building on the property and has been serving as a camp-style residence and meeting place for several years. The building is in need of repairs and we are preparing to move into a more active time of hosting conferences, visiting teams and beginning other building projects.

My goal is to remodel the cabin into a fully weather proof guest house, office and meeting room by the end of February 2017.

For $3,500 we will:

  • Replace the wood roof structure with metal.
  • Finish the half walls to full height.
  • Install doors and windows.
  • Replace 200 meters of main electrical line.
  • Install basic plumbing for future water connection.

Remodeling the cabin into a simple though comfortable residence onsite allows more time focus on ministry and development of the WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica. One of my challenges over the last two years has been camp-style living taking my time away from responsibilities as well as making it difficult to host visitors and ministry gatherings. As you can imagine I am excited to begin this project!

How to send support:

Credit or Debit: visit and designate “Nathan Dodge – Cabin”

Checks: make payable to “CMM” with “Nathan Dodge – Cabin” in the memo and send to: CMM, PO Box 7705, Charlotte, NC 28241

Thank you for supporting and praying for me. Many blessing to you in Jesus’ name! Happy new year!





God is Moving


Nathan Dodge Assistant Director, Wylde Life Sanctuary of Costa Rica

The above picture is with “Generation DNA” the local group of young people who I am blessed to assist and partner with in outreaches. They are among the first to receive ministry as we progress in establishing the Wylde Life Sanctuary of Costa Rica.



“To Reach and Disciple the Young of the Nations to Reach and Disciple the Nations”

Answers to Prayer

Praise God! He is moving us forward in several areas of Developing the Wylde Life Sanctuary of Costa Rica. The three weeks since I returned have been a running start.

The first thing that struck me upon returning was the growth in the youth. After being away for three months, interceding and communicating from a distance, what a blessing to return and see an increase in fruit! There has been an expanding of the heart of worship; the group as a whole is engaging in deepening, sincere worship. There are new young people coming, being invited into God’s presence. There is never a shortage of people struggling needing prayer and truth in Love. One young man we have been praying for in particular, who had walked away from God, has come back. It is amazing how the heart is seen through the eyes; the light has returned to his eyes as He is trusting himself to God again!

Another prayer answered; I have house to rent now. The living situation has been more or less camping for the last two years. This will allow for an office, two guest rooms, meeting and secure storage. It’s only a ten minute drive from the Wylde Life Sanctuary, in La Gloria so I am in community with all the young people and their families. Thank you, Jesus!


My primary project, remodeling the cabin, is now ready for funding. The cabin I lived in on the Wylde Life Sanctuary served well as a camp; now we are doing needed repair and remodel. Proposed is replacing the deteriorating wood roof structure with metal, installing a ceiling, finishing walls, adding windows and doors. In essence I am making it a weatherproof, secure, simple living structure on a $3,000 projected budget. This will allow me to live safely on the ministry property, have gatherings during rainy season and host teams. This week I begin fundraising for this project.

We are holding a youth conference at the Wylde Life Sanctuary January 19-21, 2017. This includes youth from several churches around Costa Rica for worship, intercession, teaching and fellowship. I have a growing expectation as I see the destiny of Costa Rica being shaped in this generation. This a major step forward in the ministry vision of establishing the Wylde Life Sanctuary to reach and disciple the youth of the nations unto Christ so they can in turn disciple the nations.

I thank God as I am making progress in construction and development, studies for ministry and Spanish language, ministry and building of relationship and understanding culture.

How you can be involved and help

  • Please cover me in prayer as lead by the Spirit! The warfare is not all personal but much is resistance of the enemy against me as I represent a significant establishing of God’s kingdom in Costa Rica. Pray that I grow in maturity in Christ as a true bondservant for His purposes, for my health and over the nation and people who are seeking after Him.
  • Financial support: I am living less than $500 per month. I would like to be at $1,000 per month for living and ministry expenses.
  • Consider visiting Costa Rica: contact me if you are interested in coming be a part of what God is doing here for any length of time.

God bless you and thank you for your prayer and support!

How to donate

Credit/Debit: visit and designate “Nathan Dodge Costa Rica.”

Check: make checks to “Morning Star Missions” with “Nathan Dodge Costa Rica” in the memo. Mail to:


PO Box 7705

Charlotte, NC 28241





Reflections of the Heart

Praise God I am in Costa Rica and God is doing great things! I will say more soon; first are some reflections of the heart.

It has been a long time since I have written. Being honest I wanted to and even began a few times but came short of what to say. As we all ought to be, I am in process of maturing in my relationship with God and I don’t always like how that process feels; though at times the feeling is unpleasant, the process and no doubt God is good. I have always spoken from the heart so when my heart does not know what to say I tend to be silent for a time… here’s to maturing in Christ and learning to share the unpleasant part of process which leads to eternal riches and true beauty!

These things I would like to share as I believe many of you have, are or will be here in some way as you walk with God. May you be encouraged and journey deeper into the living heart of God!

[Rom 5:3-5 NKJV] And not only [that], but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

As I recently read this passage I realized it allowed me to express and understand one of my struggles… I have been afraid I will not be able to persevere on to character or as NASB says, “proven character.” Of course God is able to do anything in me but I was asking, “Will I really be strong enough?” Serving in Costa Rica has required more of me than I am. One day I would say, “Thank you, Jesus, as you are using me for great things; I am humbled.” Another day I would say, “O, God, help! I am overwhelmed!”

I have actually been afraid of being good enough for God, to be entrusted with His plan for me and so also afraid of committing my full self, of persevering!

[2Co 5:17 NKJV] Therefore, if anyone [is] in Christ, [he is] a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

[Eph 2:6 NKJV] and raised [us] up together, and made [us] sit together in the heavenly [places] in Christ Jesus,

The truth is my old ways that I am afraid of, the lies the enemy designed to cause me to separate myself from God are dead. We are new persons in Christ, just as Jesus when on earth as our example, we are perfect as to His nature in us yet we are in the process of maturing. God is teaching us how to live from the perspective of the Father’s heart, as seated with Christ in heavenly places, in the world but not of it.

I leave you with this:

[Gal 6:8-9 NKJV] For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

Pressing Onward Into His Heart


I am back in Costa Rica at the Wylde Life Sanctuary after a refreshing and fruitful break back in the States. My director Cliff is here with me this time and though it’s been less than two weeks much is happening, praise God.

We had the pleasure of hosting a young man for a week who both Cliff and I have known for some time. He was here to see what we are doing and consider before the Lord is if he is supposed to come work with us long-term. It was awesome watching connect with the local people and getting to know him better. Whether God leads him to work here or not it was significant sharing the experience with him as I learned a few things to improve my hosting abilities as well as to better discern the intentions of the heart. As we move forward we are trusting God will bring the right people to grow our ministry team.

Just this last Tuesday Cliff and I had a meeting with Concrepal, a local company providing pre-fabricated concrete home supplies. We believe we are nearing the breakthrough in provision to build housing for students and staff as well as ministry and training facilities. The meeting was a great success; the beginning of a business relationship that marks a big step forward in the vision. Two representatives have already come to visit the Wylde Life Sanctuary property to assess access for supplies. I will working with them on conceptual drawing and plans in the near future. Now trusting God for further financial breakthrough!

Last weekend we had the young adult and youth group from La Gloria, our local town, for teaching, worship and whatever God might do. We received some great teaching from Cliff and though worship was a little strained it prepared the way for the “whatever God might do” part. We finished the meeting or so it seemed and were enjoying fellowship when one of the guys gathered the group and began pressing into God again. Another one then asked if Cliff would pray for him; he know God was deepening him as a worship leader and wanted prayer for that. The Holy Spirit released something powerful in him in that moment. Several other asked for prayer; the personal ministry was awesome. As the Spirit lead we were able to speak prophetically to some, release inner healing to another and pray into many things. Giving a safe place for the young who are after God’s heart and to disciple them into maturity is the main purpose of the ministry here and this is only the beginning. Sharing life with and ministering to them brings me the greatest joy!

God is doing awesome things in these days and the contrast of God’s people and the world is increasing, as we all know. Praise God for his Word and Spirit in us giving us eyes to see from his perspective, the Father’s heart to respond from and the strength to obey! We are learning how to be salt to the earth, His truth spoken in His love to all.

Thank you all who support me in prayer and finances!

God bless you,


Haiti Trip and Fruitfulness

“…God established a simple truth in my heart.”

Haiti Trip

My recent trip to Haiti went well. I spent my first and last nights with Jonathan Euler who is having great success in community development. He has a simple but effective wood shop employing Haitian people from the community. Using shipping pallets they have created a line of furniture so popular they are having trouble keeping up with orders. This was my first time meeting Jonathan; it was a blessing to see what God is doing there.

Most of the trip I was with Elaine Rensink and her children at Lespri, her home and ministry. The richness of what God is doing there astounds me. It’s not just the numbers of people who have been saved, healed or children cared for but the quality of community, the ongoing relationships producing true lovers of Jesus. I can see this in Elaine’s staff and especially the seven children she has adopted!

My greatest joy there was loving on the kids! Haiti is being redeemed but despair is the norm for many. In all my visits I have not seen a home where the kids are more loved and know they area loved; they are so full of life and hope. There is a bed in the living area that doubles as the couch and gathering place for the kids. That is usually where I would end up with as many as three kids in my lap at a time! Their ages range from about seven to twelve if I remember right. We even had a spontaneous dance party one night.

We went to the dump to pry for people and distribute food one day. Since Elaine started going there the violence has stopped and almost everyone she new there has now been able to move on to better places! We saw a couple people healed, as is usual there praise God, and gave food to about 50 families. Another day I saw woman with a hurt foot and so we stopped the car and prayed, she was healed on the spot. In the last two years Elaine has seen several hundred people healed and about as many accept Jesus!

The main project for me was building desks for the computer lab in Elaine’s school. I was able to buy materials and, using a skill saw and homemade plywood protractor, build all the desks. Bos, a wonderful man of God who works for Elaine, helped me with the whole project and later after I left installed them in the classroom. Thank you all who gave to make this possible! There are about 60 children receiving a free education who would otherwise get none and they are getting to know Jesus at the same time!

Thoughts on Intimacy 

Through most of my trip I only had enough internet to send out a few pictures… so every night when I went to my room is was just me, the Holy Spirit, my Bible and a book by Heidi Baker. Amazing things happen in such times.

In this case God established a simple truth in my heart. As I was reading a particular line from Heidi’s writing stood out to me, “all fruitfulness comes from intimacy” (with God). I have been on a journey for a couple years now seeking the Father’s heart, to have His heart in me towards and for people, situations and circumstances. To have the Father’s heart is to be intimate. Intimacy, as I have learned so far, has two sides. There is the knowing as in I can feel you when you come in the room or I know your voice in a crowd and there is the knowledge of, as in I know your characteristics or I know your opinions of the world around us. Simply put I recognize the reality of these two sides of intimacy as being familiar with the Holy Spirit and the Bible in my everyday life.

Finding God’s presence is as simple as acknowledging it; when we learn to think in the context of God is always present seeking His presence fades into abiding in His presence. Being in His Word is as simple as asking the Holy Spirit to bring it to life for you, asking Him to teach you and then simply opening it to read. I want to be fruitful in in the kingdom though even more so I want to know my God; from the knowing I will be fruitful.

I am now in a process of learning how to apply this revelation to life. These are my initial thoughts shared for your encouragement and consideration. May you grow in intimacy with Jesus.

God bless you all!